The Indonesian’s Politic Problems in 2015

In 2015, show fangs is a must for the Jokowi’s government to do a consolidation in strengthening the government fondations. It can be achieved if government have a power to create a solidity and harmonism of its internal that is supported by a good politic communcation. The politic communication is doing in government internal either vertical or horizontal. When solidity and harmonism reached in government internal so that it to be a truth for strength government will minimize an emergence of problems within the Jokowi’s administrative. The problem is a contradiction between reality and expectacy for 2015, there are many a nationality problems especially national politics. The national problems to be polemics exactly related with “weak state fondation”. 
The Jokowi’s government can be classified as “weak government”, where it could be saw in last 2015. The first, the problem of  PT. Freeport – “Papa Minta Saham”, it case have involved Setya Novanto (Chairman of the legislative) and Sudirman Said (Minister of Energy and miniral resources). The case brought Setya Novanto to MKD (Assembly Honors Board), and the ends he resign of Chairman of the central Legislative. Its must of peoples such that Setya Novanto discarded from legislative seat, he just resign and still sit on Senayan until now. Even had cleared that Setya Novanto have wished to pawn Indonesia state throught PT. Freeport instrument with transactional model. If that case was no revealed, may be Setya Novanto and his parnerts that is the one cycle with him gotten a big benefit – “pragmatism”. Fortunately, Sudirman Said did a preventive steps and its report, even though Sudirman Said was too perceived to have a covert interest.
The second, In this last year, the fate of KPK (Corruption Eradication Comission) begin clear with the election of five new leadership, and had been inaugurated in 21 December 2015. KPK as ad hoc institution that created to throw the thieves of state money to prison. All this time, KPK is attenuated especially in 2015. The commotion which beset KPK in Jokowi’s government era can be saw the secuences of events. POLRI (Indonesia Republic Police) versus KPK, POLRI is believed to become supporting system for KPK but did disfunction as rival anti-corruption. Followed with the problem of KPK leadership was Abraham Samad that become a suspected in a case of forgery or the crime of population administration. The suspension of Abraham Samad as head KPK conceided with the case of Bambang Widjojanto that was named as suspected in the case of the alleged provision of false information command by witness the trial of dispute over local election. Novel Baswedan was the investigators of KPK that fomous persistent and courageous fight corruption. He is named suspected and dismissal because involving in the case of percution resulted in the death of the suspected thief bird. And the last case in 2015 is determination and election process of KPK’S five new leadership period 2015-2019 that is interest fully. But, may be KPK’s new leadership is not ridden outside interests as politicians, businessman, or polical parties.
The third, In 9 December 2015, Indonesia had did local election simultaneously in region level, where recorded 269 region consist of 9 provinces, 36 cities and 224 districts. It to become a great achievement for Indonesia under Jokowi’s administration. Indonesia state to be the first state had did that mechanism as the manifestation of democracy concept. It included within a world democracy history note. On other hand, local election simultaneously have negatif effect such as the regional head election in general. For example, there are a dispute between the winner versus the lost, money politic and the other problems. The question, are institutions such as constitutional court, the body of regulatory election, or commissions of general election capable to resolve problems of local election simultaneously. 
The above problems are nation problems that can cover such what politic condition in Indonesia state especially the reality of Jokowi’s administrative for 2015. Even if added with the problems between legislative versus executive that could not lost of conflict KIH (The Coalition of Great Indonesia) versus KMP (The Coalition of Red-White). Its mean, the dynamics of politics in Indonesia is very complex. Wherever its condition, Jokowi’s goverment have to resolve nationality problems especially the foul play is done by policians that has ignored a people interest. It can be minimize with a good governance and political will. Therefore, Jokowi must attention a harmonism and solidity of government internal to dam up a external groups have interest either group or personal.

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